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Certification by CSSF (Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier) for FARAD I.M. : 

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Welcome to FARAD IM




Our Expertise

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Work with Us

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Our History

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Company Presetation

Welcome to FARAD I.M.


Founded in Luxembourg in 2005, FARAD Investment Management S.A. (FARAD I.M.) is licensed as Professional of the Financial Sector (PSF) by the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance and is supervised by the Luxembourg regulator, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). FARAD IM has a B2B (business to business) approach, meaning that we aim to work with other professionals and to provide them support services that rely on our experience. FARAD IM is an asset manager with several licenses that enables us to provide a range of services.

This include: 

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In addition to the licenses, we have a fully operational team in place to support and manage our client’s projects. This team is made of 10+ professionals. These include a team of front office professionals, a middle office department, a risk and compliance department as well as a communication and marketing officer and a client support and business development department.


Asset Management

€ 1.1 b AuM

& execution

15 employees

Front office, middle office,

risk management, legal and compliance, IT, business development, HR, Marketing, Corporate and Secretary 

Operational Standards

We target the highest operational standards when servicing our clients


Performing IT system to send out orders and compliance checks




There are keys 4 elements our DNA:




Get People Involved


      In a company offering financial services, the main asset of the company are its employees and their experience. This is particularly true for a company like FARAD IM because we provide a range of financial services. While all these services are in the same area, each client, each product and each service is different and requires a different set of skills. This is why we dedicate a lot of time and energy to train them and keep the team informed about our successes and failures.

Target the highest standards


At FARAD I.M. we target "Excellence" in everything we do, independently of the fact that the document produced will be used internally or externally.

This relies on 4 elements:

1. Coherence (in formatting, font, size, colors)

2. Meeting agreed deadlines

3. Produce easy-to-read, pertinent & useful documents

4. Formalize everything that is done (not written, not done) This is the heart of FARAD IM action: being efficient, move one and produce high quality deliverables.


Focus on Client

We attach paramount importance to the satisfaction of each and every customer, whether private or professional.

For us, each client is unique. This is why we dedicated one point of contact for each and every project to clearly understand our client specific needs and to ensure a smooth communication with all the parties and departments involved. Our philosophy is to constantly ensure the improvement of our organization, our processes and the quality of our service.

Become a reference



At FARAD Group, we have been active in the “sustainable” universe for more than two decades via our GreenEthica product offering. The GreenEthica brand is used within the FARAD Group for all the services or initiatives that is related to sustainability broadly defined. Within FARAD IM, this offering combines dedicated asset management as well as a sustainable scoring system that help clients to understand the alignment of their portfolio with ESG criteria and the SDGs.

FARAD IM's edge

Our Expertise

FARAD Group is recognized internationally for its standards in ESG by being awarded the B-Corporation certification since 2017


We put the clients at the center of our projects

At FARAD IM, we have a clearly defined process to onboard clients and projects. Each client has a dedicated privileged unique point of contact that will support him or her all over the project. In the search of quality we have developed the concept of “Full Service Investment Manager”, which is a service in which we accompany our clients all over the process from the idea to the launch of the product. We support our client in finding the best structure for the project, the best counterparties and finalize the project.

We question ourselves

At FARAD IM, we continuously question ourselves about what we do and how we do it. This is a key element of our success. Between 2020 & 2021 we dedicate a lot of time and energy to review and improve our image, our service proposal and our processes to be in line of today’s standards and even ahead. Two main outcomes came out of this recent in terms of product offering. Our Full Service Investment Management service, our GreenEthica Sustainable Scoring System and the related enhanced reporting.

We have a real experience in sustainability

FARAD IM has established a sustainable investment process in 2016. This process has been developed under the GreenEthica brand that regroups everything that is done at the FARAD Group level in relation to sustainability. FARAD IM’s focus is on investment management and the related services.

FARAD IM’s commitment to Responsible investment is covering its whole range of products from the management of mandates (in agreement with the client), discretionary portfolio management (provided either directly either as external advisor) to funds management. While responsible investing will look different for different investors depending on their objectives, at FARAD IM, we approach the process for all investors by actively seeking out the most beneficial long term solution in a given asset class. We do believe that non-financial factors form an increasingly valuable part of a sound, sustainable and risk-adjusted overall investment approach. As such, ESG research and analysis are taken into consideration as part of our investment process and serve as value added for our Sustainable Scoring system and Advisory offering.

Why Work with FARAD IM

Why work with FARAD IM?




- In house team of experienced portfolio management professionals

- Fully dedicated internal operation support

- Project manager to smooth the implementation of new projects



- 15+ years of experience in building and managing products products for third part clients 

- Seasoned senior professionals to support more complex projects

- IT software to sen d transaction perform compliance check and allow advisors to send their advises



- We can propose a numerous solutions corresponding to the needs of client

- Can work with o without advisor

- Propose standard or personalized pakages



- We are willing to build strong business relationship

- We are willing to deliver and target the highest standards 

- We are willing to grow and to find the new parents and clients


Our History 


Founded in 2001 in Luxembourg, FARAD Group is an independent diversified financial group with a B2B approach. FARAD Group has been recognized globally for being at the forefront of the respect, the maintenance and the promotion of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) standards and has been awarded the B-Corporation certification. FARAD Investment Management is the asset management company of the Group.

Founded in Luxembourg in 2005, FARAD I.M. is licensed as Professional of the Financial Sector (PSF) by the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance and is supervised by the Luxembourg regulator, Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). 

FARAD IM’s main objective is to provide the best tailor made solutions on portfolio management.

FARAD IM’s main services include portfolio management, fund management and advisory portfolio management services. Additional services include investment consulting, financial brokerage services and family office services.

We propose a series of internally developed investment strategies and profile, we can tailor them to our client needs and can work with third party advisors. In addition to our traditional portfolio management services, over the last couple of years we developed a dedicated sustainable asset management and consulting offering called “GreenEthica”. This offering combines dedicated asset management as well as a sustainable scoring system that help clients to understand the alignment of their portfolio with ESG criteria and the SDGs.




Governance is at the center of everything we do at FARAD I.M. This is why we have a formal governance framework that details our internal governance arrangements, processes and mechanisms. This enables us to work in an efficient way with clear responsibilities and continuous checks around our governance in various ways.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of FARAD I.M. Luxembourg is the governing body, carrying out management and administration duties and having the ultimate responsibility for FARAD I.M.’s functioning and operations. The Board Directors is composed, at all times, of at least three (3) directors.
The Board of Directors duties, organization and functioning is regulated by CSSF circular 20/758. FARAD IM’s current Board is gender-balanced and made of four directors:


Anne-Marie Arens

Annemarie Arens is financial services professional with a broad spectrum of international experience. She is a non-executive director, chairman and consultant to financial services funds and companies. Annemarie has worked mainly in Luxembourg carrying international responsibility across Europe.
Since 2016 Annemarie has acted as director of Luxembourg management companies and UCITS companies. In past carrier she has managed business strategy and international developments as well as change management.
Annemarie was the General Manager of LuxFLAG. The European Head of Sales and Relationship as well as European Head of Client Service Management at RBC Investor Services Bank with offices in eight different European countries. Annemarie was also a member of RBC Investor Services Bank Executive Committee in Luxembourg.
Annemarie started her professional career in the Financial Industry in 1985 working for Axa Insurance prior to joining
Berenberg Bank in 1991. She joined BIL Fund Services in 1996 moving to LuxFLAG in 2014.


Marco Caldana

Marco Caldana is Chairman & Founder of FARAD Group since 2001.

From 2001he is founder & CEO of FARAD International S.A., Private Life Insurance broker which represents a reference in its area of expertise, both at a national and international level. From 2005, Founder of FARAD Investment Management S.A., well-known for its excellent performances in sustainable asset management. From 2013, founder & chairman of SELECTRA Management (Company sold to an international group in 2021).

After graduating with a degree in Banking, Finance and Insurance from the Università Cattolica of Milan, Marco Caldana has acquired extensive experience in the financial field in several international firms.


Daniel Capocci

Passionate individual who spent his entire career in the asset management industry. Daniel started his career in building due diligence and quantitative processes on alternative fund managers in the early 2000s in Luxembourg. This is also when he finalize his PhD in Science of Management called “The Analysis of Hedge Fund Strategies”, his books on hedge funds and became CAIA Charter holder. From there, he embraced an opportunity within the multi-manager arm of AXA Group in the UK where he took over the management of a series of funds and of the private banking money of AXA Belgium. More recently, Daniel spent a couple of years within a large consulting company in Luxembourg and a management company where he held a regulated senior function. In 2021, he took over the leadership of the Luxembourg-based FARAD Group and the role of CEO of FARAD I.M., an investment firm. His ambition is to rebuild a strong service offering, a stronger brand and to promote sustainable investments.

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Elisa Dolci 

Elisa Dolci joined the Board of Directors of FIM in January 2021 because of her experience in the inclusive finance sector. Since 2016, she has been in charge of external relations and partnerships at the Luxembourg-based NGO ADA (Appui au Développement Autonome), whose focus is to foster innovative financial solutions for unbanked populations, as a mean to fight poverty. Previously, her entire professional career was in humanitarian aid and development cooperation, at Oxfam Italia and Altromercato (Fair Trade). Elisa holds a degree in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Padua (Italy),a Master in International Relations and Diplomacy from the College of Europe in Bruges (Belgium) and she is a certified Expert in Microfinance at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (Germany). She is married, a mother of two girls, and a certified yoga teacher.

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